Women's Report

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

1. Women in Science. According to UIS data, less than 30% of the world’s researchers are women. (source: http://uis.unesco.org/en/topic/women-science – 29/06/2018 ).

2. Women in Media. The number of women working on-screen in television and online streaming entertainment shows declined 2 percentage points from 2016-17 to 2017-18, when 40 percent of all speaking characters were female and 60 percent were men, according to San Diego State University’s Center for the Study of Women in Television & Film. With a record low number of responses to its annual diversity survey — 17.3 percent of newsrooms responded — the American Society of News Editors’ latest tally found that women comprised 41.7 percent and people of colour. 22.6 percent of the overall workforce in those responding newsrooms.


http://www.womensmediacenter.com/reports/the-status-of-women-in-u-s-media-2019 , 2019).

3. Women in Cinematography. Overall, women comprised 32% of all directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors, and cinematographers.

83% of the films had no women cinematographers, 73% had no women writers, 69% had no women editors, 65% had no women directors, 62% had no women executive producers, and 32% had no women producers.

Source: https://womenandhollywood.com/resources/statistics/2019-statistics/

4. Women & Girls in Sport. 1.5 million more men play sport than women each week. Studies have shown that teenage girls are significantly less active than teenage boys, with only 10% of girls aged 13-16 meeting the recommended daily guidelines of 60 minutes of physical activity per day (Sport England, 2018). Source: https://www.womeninsport.org/press-release/reframing-sport-for-teenage-girls-building-strong-foundations-for-their-futures/

5. Women in Computing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects computer science research jobs will grow 19% by 2026. Yet, women only earn 18% of computer science bachelor’s degrees in the United States. Despite the high job demand, computer science remains a male-dominated field in the United States. (Source and full article: https://www.computerscience.org/resources/women-in-computer-science/ ).

6. Women in Politics. In America, Women will represent only 24 percent of members of Congress: 24 percent of the House and 23 percent of the Senate.

· They will hold 28 percent of seats in state legislatures.

· They will represent only 18 percent of governors and, as of August 2018, only 23 percent of the mayors of the 100 largest American cities.

· Women of colour represent less than 9 percent of members of Congress. (Source and full article: https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/women/reports/2018/11/20/461273/womens-leadership-gap-2/ )

The small list of women in charge (world): http://content.time.com/time/specials/packages/complete list/0,29569,2005455,00.html

A very long list of male & female leaders with a more than significant majority of male leaders (world): https://www.geni.com/projects/Current-World-Leaders/6177

· United Kingdom: Five of the current members of the Cabinet (22%) are women, including the Prime Minister. The highest proportion of women in Cabinet was 36% between 2006 and 2007.

· 47% of Members of the National Assembly for Wales are women, as are 35% of Members of the Scottish Parliament and 32% of Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

· About 34% of local authority councilors in England are women. 26% of councilors in Northern Ireland are women, while the proportion rose to 29% in Scotland after the 2017 elections and sits at 28% in Wales.

· 40% of members of the London Assembly are women.

· European Parliament

· 40% of UK Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in 2018 were women. 36% of all MEPs were women and the UK ranked 8th among the 28 EU member nations.

22 countries currently have a woman as president or prime minister, a record high.

(Source: https://researchbriefings.parliament.uk/ResearchBriefing/Summary/SN01250)

There are 195 countries in the world.

This data was researched and prepared by PinQ Magazine.


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