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I stand with all women.

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

In the light of current events and discussions, especially about how some certain #media add up to spreading the hatred and turning the women harassment wheel, I personally refuse to support, like or even read any harassing women articles, or take part in discussions making fun of anyone or laughing at anyone, but especially women. I also declare to take action to prevent such situations from happening.

There is still an insufficient action being taken to change the women's situation. In fact, very often big names and big companies create a false impression of them supporting women empowerment, while still doing very little or nothing to actually change and improve the women's situation, fix the #paygap, offer more #mentalhealthsupport or recognise a complexity of women's health issues and how this can affect their day-to-day existence.

At PinQ I believe we should only celebrate women.

We should support women. And we, women, should support each other even more, by standing up for a female colleague at work, recognising mental health issues that female colleagues or friends or family members face and being present. We have the power to speak up and protest when there is injustice or stigmatising happening to someone, especially if the injustice is caused by media doing it to an individual, which we continue to observe now on a daily basis.

I recognise a strong and urgent need to build a new, hatred and harassment free narratives.

With more female leaders and inspiring speakers we can achieve this. We, women can create an astonishing communication platforms that will overcome the ones that seem to be certain of running this world. If this was a case before, it is not anymore, and not for any longer.

Today I make this call to all women to stand together and start changing the platforms that serve haters and harmful narratives.

Whether you do this on your blog, on your podcast, or simply at home, it all matters.

You can do it by:

- saying no to the hateful speech online and reporting it

- not taking part in women (or anyone else's) shaming discussions unless it is someone you have to defend

- regardless of different views, respecting other women's (and people's) opinions instead of laughing at them

- supporting women (and others) from your home-work circle, especially those who suffer from mental health issues

This is the time for us to stand together.

Janette, PinQ Magazine CEO

February 2020

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