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10 empowering books by women to inspire you this International Women’s Day

Gabrielle Chua

27 Feb 2023

Curl up in bed with a cup of coffee and a book as you read your way to female empowerment

March 8 is an important date to keep in mind, marking International Women’s Day. Its origins date back to the 1900s, when women began fighting for their labour rights in America. The movement quickly spread to Europe where women increasingly became vocal against oppression and inequality.

Today, the celebration of International Women’s Day has progressed into one of diversity and empowerment for women all over the world. Extensive charities advocating for women’s rights have sprouted, including organisations for teen pregnancies, women in poverty, and girls’ education programmes. Some Singapore-based organisations include Daughters of Tomorrow and Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support.

Literary support for female empowerment have also gained traction, giving rise to many acclaimed female authors. This International Women’s Day, have your dose of female literary inspiration with these influential reads. Whether you’re into autobiographies, fiction, or fantasy, there is a book for everyone.

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